Loss of trees continues in Chatham-Kent


Sir: I was so pleased to see your editorial and the letter written, Oct 17,2013 by the two farmers, Frank Kowalec and Dennis O’Rourke who support and care for their woodlots.

We were on the 401 heading east recently and we were appalled to see the carnage of woodlots has increased.

Anyone who thinks this is not a problem should go for a ride east on the 401 or even Talbot Trail.

Where beautiful trees and wild life once could be seen, one now sees mound after huge mound of bulldozed trees.

Are these landowners so greedy for one more foot of land and just one more dollar that they blind themselves to the damage they are doing to the land, the animals, the air we all must breathe?

If the landowners are as inept as greedy CEOs in possessing voluntary restraint, then it is time the people demand their governments do it for them.

Such a bald-faced bit of silliness for council to dither and debate while the sound of chainsaws and bulldozers ring in their elected ears.

Dithering until it’s all done and there are no woodlots left to debate over anymore seems to be their strategy.

I think there should be an estimate of how many trees were in each offending farmer’s destroyed woodlots and those farmers should then be made to buy and to plant the same number of replacement trees elsewhere in their communities.

Cathie Chapman





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