Stop dumping trash on our rural roads


Sir: Have you driven Pioneer Line lately between the Bear Line and Home Depot, or Baldoon Road between Gregory Line and Pioneer Line? If you were observant, you might have noted the absence of trash at the roadside.

I bike this area every day and have been astounded at the total insensitivity of those who would throw their trash out the window for all of us to see. I’ve finally done something about it. Call it one’s civic duty, or just being so annoyed looking at this disgusting array of coffee cups, cigarette packs, water bottles and fast food wrappers. And you can throw in one display of an obvious ignorant contractor who decided to empty his entire truck at the roadside, including rubber, wires and what you would find in an electrician’s vehicle.

Enough is enough, and I’ve decided to adopt the area of Bear Line and Gregory (once Gregory is finally paved) to St. Clair and Baldoon between Oxley and the Pioneer Line. I’ve spent hours picking up the trash in the past week, including being accosted by a very annoyed farmer who thought I was dumping trash, and the result is for all to see. But a recent morning’s ride showed me that I really can’t just win this battle and be done with it. Once again, the weekend trash, which now includes beer bottles and cans, was in full display. I’ll do what I can on a regular basis and am quite proud of myself for doing so, as I can’t imagine the last time the area was improved in this way, probably a few years.

If anyone of your readers would also like to get involved and perhaps a service club or two, I can be reached through The Chatham Voice.

And for the perpetrators, and you know who you are, please hold onto your trash until you get home. Is that too much to ask? Finally, I would ask the fast food managers to please post a message in your store in this regard,

Richard Carnell



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