Ribfest just an enjoyable event

Jul 24 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Ribfest just an enjoyable event

Sir: I attended Ribfest in Tecumseh Park in Chatham for about the fourth time in recent years, including one time as a part time volunteer. Despite the heavy rains on Friday night, I came later in the weekend and when I was there, the ground was dry, it was warm with the summer sun and it was I believe to be perfect conditions for such an event.

I guess the majority of people I’ve heard go out in the evening, when it is cooler out and avoid the hot summer sun. Still, this is a very enjoyable event, and thanks to all those who finance this event, the volunteers and various vendors and carnivals workers who run this event; you have done a great job!

It’s too bad that two other Ribfests were going on the same weekend as the one in Chatham. There were Ribfests in Amherstburg and Sarnia that weekend as well.  Maybe there are not enough weekends in the summer to run these events at different times so that more crowds of people would flock to these events, rather than splitting them up?

All the same, it is a great weekend to attend these events, regardless of where one goes to get their food and entertainment. I hope that this event is back in Chatham for many more years to come.

Frank Doyle




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