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Sir: I don’t often make my opinion public, but after being called stupid I want to address and issue.

Recently while shopping I ran into some folks I knew. We got talking about shopping and I said I supported small local businesses as much as possible, using my favourite tea shop as an example.

I got told that I was stupid to do this; it was too expensive to shop local.

Seriously? I was shocked. So here is my response to that.

These people go to Tim Hortons every day to buy tea and coffee. They spend $2 each time. So in a week of two cups every day – they go more often than that by the way – they spend $28/week for 14 cups.

Now in comparison, I shop at a local Chatham tea store spend less than $10 for 50 grams of tea which will give me, depending on the tea, 20-25 cups of tea. That is almost two weeks worth of their beverage choice.

Now in my opinion that does not make me the stupid one.

Shop local and help support our own; I proudly do!

Estelle Demers




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