Jakubec taking steps to mend fences with Wesley

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After receiving a letter from Wallaceburg Coun. Jeff Wesley’s lawyer, Water Wells First has pulled all information previously posted on its website and Facebook page accusing him of “misleading the public.”

In a back and forth of e-mails starting Friday, Wesley and WWF spokesperson Kevin Jakubec have been working to mend fences after the grassroots advocacy group awarded Wesley a Pinocchio Shame Award. Jakubec said the award was not meant to hurt Wesley or his family, but was meant to bring awareness to the group’s fight to protect the aquifer running under Dover Twp. and much of the area north of Chatham where wind turbine projects are underway.

“I offer my apologies to you and your family. No one was meant to be hurt,” Jakubec wrote in an e-mail to Wesley. “We are trying to prevent an environmental disaster from spreading.”

In taking down the poll and stories from the WWW website and Facebook page, and apologizing, Jakubec said he has invited Wesley to come out into the field, see what their hydrogeologist is doing, and to work together to protect water wells in the North Kent Wind and Otter Creek turbine project areas north of Chatham and Wallaceburg.

Wesley, however, has said until Jakubec confirms there will no more shame awards and his apology is put out publically, retracting statements made, he does not consider the matter closed.

Jakubec said he is waiting on feedback from the membership on the future of the shame awards, which was to be discussed at public meeting of the membership Tuesday night at Countryside Golf Course.



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